Lessons are addressed to English speakers and focused on providing a solid foundation to newbies, crafting together a wise posture of the hands and most of all: the sound.


Read me 1st:


  • 1st lesson is free
  • Lessons are 1 hour long, at my home in Lisbon, 10 minutes from Anjos subway
  • It’s fair to have 1 lesson per week but you must really focus on studying at lest 20/30 minutes per day
  • No slap, it’s not my thing
  • I do have a bass + amp if you just want to get your feet wet and you do not own a bass yet
  • 1 lesson is 10 euros




Fabio Arnosti (Italy, 1982) started playing bass at 16 years old studying with Romano Todesco for 2 years bass guitar and 1 year double bass.
He studied double bass for 4 years at Conservatorio Benedetto Marcello in Venice (IT), quitting for focusing in recording and performing his own stuff, a blend of electronic, rock and folk music.
He released 3 album as Arnoux, his solo project, and collaborated with many bands as a bass player, performing live hundreds of gigs.


Here’s a selection of acts handling the 4 strings:


Ten Thousand Bees (“Polar Days” album https://open.spotify.com/album/6xTynPoYieXh468sqvRJSs)
I Missili (“Polvere” album + winning “Sogni di suono” contest)
Arnoux (arnoux.it)
Berto (session musician – Inseguendo un pensiero TOUR)
ADHD (winning “Sogni di suono” contest)
Erio (session musician – double bass https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRr_-etnJi4)


+ here you can find more about my work: fabioarnosti.com


email at fabioarnosti@gmail.com