bespoke sound and music for cinema, theatre and dance

from “Sombras” 2019

original music for “L’Ultima”, theatre piece by CAVE //

original music for the contemporary circus festival Brocante 2020 //

Blowhole production – brand audio identity //

original music for the dance piece “Sombras” //

original music for the theatre piece “Solo la morte m’ha portato in collina” //

original music for “Suite Dreams” TV series pilot //

“Excuse Me, What’s Queever?” //

“The Man With The Movie Camera” alternative live ost, with TenThousandBees, for Cinemazero //

“Nosferatu” alternative live ost, with Il Cinese, for Cinemazero //

original music for “Fuochi d’Inverno“, theatre piece by Pietro Chiarenza //

foley and soundtrack for a portfolio //

original music for “Quiete” advertisement, the new knife by Nilte //

original sound design (fully analog modular synth + field recordings) and music for 2 Arcade video games never being done